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Sabotaged by Dani Pettrey, Alaskan Courage series, Book 5

If you’re just now discovering Dani Pettrey take a deep breath and start back with book 1. Dani Pettrey’s inspirational suspense romances are in a league with few others, Dee Henderson to name a favorite of mine. Every main character in this series is intertwined in the previous books – like me you will fall… Continue reading Sabotaged by Dani Pettrey, Alaskan Courage series, Book 5

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Adventurous Me by Deanndra Hall

“Boring? Tiresome? Predictable? We’ll see about that.”

Trish’s husband of almost 30 years announces that he’s leaving her because she’s “boring,” so she does what any sensible person would do: She sets out to find an adventure. When her attempt to drink her heartbreak literally drops her onto a handsome gentleman who invites her to have an adventure, Trish can’t help but say yes.

She embarks on that adventure. In the process, her path keeps crossing that of another – Clint Winstead, a Dominant at the club, Bliss, and the one person in the place who seems to despise her. And that’s fine with Trish. After all, there are plenty of other Doms there who want to play. At least that’s what she tells herself.

But when an annual event at the club throws Trish and Clint together for two weeks, both of them are horrified, not by the pairing, but by the feelings they’re trying hard to deny. As the two weeks pass, it’s harder and harder to deny what they know is true – that is, until one incident almost changes both of their lives irreparably. And when Trish realizes that continuing on with her commitment could cost her the ultimate – her life – she knows that it has to end.

Even though Trish is the queen of second chances, a second chance might just come at a price too high to pay this time. A little adventure is a good thing, but perhaps she’s gotten far more adventure than she can handle.

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I Love How You Love Me by Bella Andre

I Love How You Love Me by Bella Andre There are authors in every devoted reader’s world where the moment a new book is announced you eagerly anticipate preordering the next novel. Bella Andre and her Sullivan series is one great example of that. I found this author and series last July with “The Look… Continue reading I Love How You Love Me by Bella Andre


Primeval Passion by Cyna Kade

Julia swallowed hard. “What does it feel like to be a sub?” “Aren’t you a sub too? Hasn’t Alex taught you that?” “Not really.” “Oh you must be so disappointed.” “Why?”Charlene laughed. “Being a sub is the best thing I’ve ever experienced. I don’t have to worry about anything. I’ve never known such a sense of freedom.” “But you have no control.”

“No, I don’t have control. Isn’t it wonderful?”

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Fetishes and Fears – Slut University book 2 by Lillian Nightshade

Fetishes and Fears – Slut University book 2 by Lillian Nightshade 5 stars We return to the world of Lillian Nightshade’s Slut University and revisiting Jake and Allie in the second book of this series. Jake spends the early part of our acquaintance teaching Allie that what he desires from her most is sexual submission… Continue reading Fetishes and Fears – Slut University book 2 by Lillian Nightshade

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Home to Seaview Key by Sherryl Woods

Home to Seaview Key by Sherryl Woods Home to Seaview Key by Sherryl Woods is a delightful continuation of the series started in Seaview Inn (2008).  We meet Abby, Hannah’s childhood friend and Luke’s teenage love, when she moves back to this small island community.  Sherryl has a way of creating communities and characters you… Continue reading Home to Seaview Key by Sherryl Woods

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Long Hard Ride by Lorelei James

Long Hard Ride by Lorelei James Yowzers! Can I find me a cowboy???? I must have been hiding under a rock the last few years to have completely missed this incredible series by Lorelei James.  The scenes are steamy, the cowboys dreamy with characters and setting written well enough you can walk into the pages.… Continue reading Long Hard Ride by Lorelei James


Black Site by Dalton Fury

Black Site by Dalton Fury Fast paced, high intensity, heart pounding excitement! I love a good story about people in the military; stories of honor, courage and commitment.  Dalton Fury’s Black Site definitely is that.  The author is detailed in his descriptions of characters and situations.  Dalton’s background in the military and Special Forces is… Continue reading Black Site by Dalton Fury