Products and companies I recommend

  • Perfectly Posh – I am a consultant for Perfectly Posh because I LOVE the products, ingredients and reasonable price point. Naturally based pampering on a budget!
  • Costco – I save a lot of money by buying in quantity and Kirkland products. Most shampoos and conditioners on the market I can’t use because I break out with them. Kirkland, Costco’s brand, has a shampoo and conditioner that I can consistently use.
  • YNAB – You Need A Budget. I am a Dave Ramsey fan and have used excel for my budgets for many years but have a hard time actually creating a “0” based budget. This does that for you without requiring your banking information like Mint and some others do.
  • $5 Meal Plan. This is a great way to meal plan for a family to save money. Unlike some similar products like Emeals these are meals most families will actually use. There are also Costco and Sams Club plans.

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