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The Fifth Assassain

What an incredible story! I grabbed this audio series on a whim and it has done a wonderful job keeping me engaged and on the edge of my seat with every sentence.

So many stories you can easily figure out who will be the “good guys” and who will be the “bad guys” but even to the end of the novel this author kept proving me wrong! I love an author that keeps me guessing all the way through and by the end I’m wondering where the heck that came from and what’s the next novel in the series!

So much of my time I follow romance books and to be honest even this week as one of my favorite authors put out a new story she managed to distract me from this series for a day or two but when I finished her latest glorious novel I returned right to Brad Meltzer’s world.

I have to wonder how long this foray away from my romances will pull at me but if you’re a betting person? I’d bet on it being at least through the rest of this series! I loved the addition of the suspenseful music that went right with the story. I look forward to seeing where the President’s Shadow takes me next!

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