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Forever Bold

Forever Bold by Kathleen Brooks

Ever read a book and just want to go live there? I am fortunate enough to find that state fairly often and one of my favorite conductors on the train to wherever my latest expedition is to us the local author Kathleen Brooks.

After discovering Ms Brooks a few years ago I have wanted, like many of the readers in her “Blossom Cafe” book group, to find the small town of Keeneston, Kentucky and move into that nosy little town. As someone who grew up in what I would consider a fairly small community and swore I had to find an outside world that is a feat in itself! Her books remind me there are good things and yes good people in small communities, even if mine had little in common with the fictional town of Keeneston.

The author’s attention to detail and ability to pull you into the community to where you too care about who is having babies, who is getting married, etc. Where you wonder the entire time if Henry going to get into trouble for his bad pick up lines and shiny suits and when he doesn’t show the poor taste he’s known for at his daughter’s wedding you’re almost disappointed!

If you like romances with some suspense, a small town with nosy neighbors and a lot of love take a chance and grab Kathleen Brooks novels. Can you read them out of order? Absolutely. However, start at the beginning and get as caught into her web as the rest of us!

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