Turtle's World

What’s in your world?

Every day in our world everyone walks through their day with their personal struggles and ways of coping. Until you walk a hundred miles in their shoes never assume their world is easier than yours. For example I am an introvert – not knowing me you might not necessarily know that. I have lived in the world of books since I was a child – by the time I was my daughter’s age I was spending my days immersed in the worlds of fiction, faith and education. For the first many years I spent my days walking down streets with my nose in a book and getting into trouble for it. As the years passed and possibilities changed I was drawn into the world of ebooks, fan fiction and audiobooks.

Even today I am still immersed in that world – fan fiction still has its hold on me, many of my favorite independent writers are not available in audio since it is expensive to produce with little profit so my Kindle is full of independent authors and books, but my ears – my ears have the treat of my Audible membership. The world of audiobooks has been my home for 11 years.  On any given day I will be listening at least part of the day – almost guaranteed to an audio book. I spent part of my childhood working in my local library – my favorite “job” to this day. Immersing myself in books had been my home for so long that I had read a good percentage of the books on the shelves – when my peers came in looking for a book because they HAD to read but telling me they did not like to read – I would take it as a challenge. Give me what you DO like and I will find a book for you.

Today because of the internet there are so many books at my fingertips that is in ways both easier and more difficult. It is easier in that there are so many more options, but also the world has become littered with poorly edited books and so many to read with a limited budget and limited time I may not have read the ones that might appeal to you. However, I will invite you along with me in my travels through books, crafts, and movies. If you’d like to join me in this adventure feel free to follow along – if you’re interested in reviewing – contact me and let’s talk!

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