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Restoring Love by Brynette L Turner

A good story draws you in to where you care about what is happening with the characters, where the reader is invested. “Restoring Love” by Brynette L Turner has you caring about Amina, her family and the two men who are interested in her. The book is listed as contemporary romance – personally I would classify it more as a drama. There is a lot of drama going on in Amina’s world.

I do believe that if an author creates strong characters a reader can be drawn into any world. Amina, Jason and Wesley are all characters I came to care for. I really appreciated that Amina, though her job title is assistant, is a strong female with a lot going on in her world. She isn’t sitting at home waiting for a man to come along she has a family, a career and a busy life. Workaholic yes but it comes across that she loves what she does.

Amina has three rules when it comes to relationships: no big age difference, no dating coworkers and financial stability. Jason is younger and works with her. Wesley is her boss. That automatically takes both of those men out of the options or does it? By the end of the book I cared about those relationships and even had an opinion on which – if any, was the right choice in the end. Give this book a chance. Does it end how you expected?

Personally I found some of the colloquial word choices distracting. Is the book worth giving a chance? Absolutely.

People can also read a few excerpts on the author’s website at

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