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A Day in the life of London the Author

Well, I’d love to be able to say that my day starts off with breakfast in bed, followed by a full body massage by a sexy, muscled man, then I make my way out to the beach, where I plow my toes into the sand, listen to the waves come ashore while the salty breeze blows through my blonde locks, and I sip on a fruity drink watching more sexy, muscled men play beach volleyball.  

Hang on a moment while I sigh and live the dream…

I’m sorry. I got lost there. What was the topic? Oh, yes. A day in the life of London the author.

As glamorous as it sounds, I do things like dishes because they’ve been piling up in the sink. A direct outcome of being in the writing cave with my crazy muse and all those characters who run around in my head. I might also be wearing something that’s been in my closet since the dawn of time because I’ve been so busy writing that I haven’t done laundry, leading to me donning a Cinderella costume and mismatched socks since they are the only things clean. Then, I figure out I haven’t been to the grocery store in a while when I see exactly one slice of cheese, a jar of pickle juice (no pickles), something that was take-out, but has transformed into something suspiciously close to a botulism experiment, and a half-used bottle of ketchup in the refrigerator. And don’t even get me started on all the dust bunnies that procreated while I was busy writing.

So, after I get everything back in order and make time for everyone I’ve neglected while writing, I may work on all the behind the scenes things we authors do on social media. You know. Gotta Tweet! Homework assignments like this one for book tours. Answer e-mails. Update my website. Feed the cat. Get blog posts done. Organize things for my newsletter. In the end I suppose I generally get all my ducks in a row as they say, only to watch one or two waddle away.  

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