Information about my blog, a bit about me and a warning

This blog will have a variety of book genres. I am an eclectic reader – I will be reviewing what strikes my fancy as much as anything else. If it seems that I am reviewing a lot of similar work – well I tend to go in waves. I may read all of Sherryl Woods – “Sweet Magnolia’s series” (romance), switch off to Kiera Cass – “The Selection” series (young adult), run over to Dani Pettrey – “Alaskan Courage” series (Christian mystery romance) and then swing to Vince Flynn – “Mitch Rapp” series (thriller). Though there will be books from time to time that are technically considered young adult if you are under 21 or have delicate sensibilities please pass on.

This blog is designed to be a peak into my world. I have been a major reader since early childhood, Boxcar Children and The Babysitters Club were a couple of my early favorites. In middle/high school I actually considered a degree in library science because I loved reading and finding books people will love so much. In the past few years I have graduated to mostly reading Audible books due to the fact that I discovered a way to read and still be able to work, clean, exercise or most anything while still reading.

I do have a Kindle Paperwhite and read quite a few books that way – but I will confess I bought it hoping to receive more ARC’s or Advanced Review Copies of books. I have received a few books that way and hope to continue but my time is very limited so I keep hoping that my Audible reviews will bring more copies that way.

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