Black Site by Dalton Fury

Black Site by Dalton Fury

Fast paced, high intensity, heart pounding excitement! I love a good story about people in the military; stories of honor, courage and commitment.  Dalton Fury’s Black Site definitely is that.  The author is detailed in his descriptions of characters and situations.  Dalton’s background in the military and Special Forces is evident as you read through his novel and can picture the decisions that are running through the mind of his leading man.

The reader is a good one for this – he has the strong steady voice to carry both the intensity of this story and the strength of character of Kolt Rainer. The author Dalton Fury is former Delta Force troop commander who lead the search for Bin Laden and author of Kill Bin Laden.

The characters and intensity of the volatile world of the Middle East keep your heart pounding as the minutes pass in this novel.  Much like Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series – the reader becomes invested in the hero, holding your breath until you discover how the story unfolds.  I could easily imagine following Kolt for years as I have many other series based in the Special Forces, Black Ops, and CIA saving the world genre. I would recommend anyone who likes a strong military hero, flaws and all, to pick up this book and give it a read.

5 stars – I bought on Audible

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