Vanished, The Society Series book 4 by Lillian Nightshade

Vanished, The Society Series book 4 by Lillian Nightshade

Lillian Nightshade is a wonderful author, be forewarned however that her books are written with no avoidance of triggers or consent. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing… it is just something readers definitely need to be aware of. This series – The Society, is set in a world where consent is limited, sadism and masochism are the norm, and dominance and submission are integral.

In this fourth book, Annie our protagonist sets up her new home before being kidnapped and forced to live being abused and believing she would never see her friends and family again. Sean, who we met in the previous book as a submissive, now Annie’s dominant and her brother Devon spend the book rescuing Annie. You can feel the characters’ feelings as the story progresses on a palpable level. This world is designed to pull you in and keep you turning the pages. Devon and Sean are at each other’s throats from their meeting in their different angles of loving Annie.

I love the power of the strength of character in these stories. This world is fascinating, heart pounding, and nerve racking. As a rape survivor who lives in the BDSM world I desire to live above the kind of fear that rose in me during many of this books scenes. Vanished, and this series, is written very well, and I look forward to the next book in this series – knowing the effect of triggers shown in this novel I may hesitate to reach for this kind without my comfort items on me and with my phone nearby to contact a friend should I need it.

4 Stars

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