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Yes Master by Darah Lace

Yes Master by Darah Lace

Yes, Master by Darah Lace is a short story. In spite of its lack luster portrayal of Dominance and Submission and BDSM this has a good erotic scene in it. My main issue with this story is that the ending of this suggests that earning a collar and being in a D/s relationship involves only occasional playtime.

Tara is a woman in a normal “vanilla” relationship when the man she is involved in makes an ultimatum that he needs D/s. After some research into the lifestyle she agrees to try. They have one night of playtime and he offers her a collar when she agrees to continue this on occasion.

Honestly, as someone who has been in a D/s and later M/s relationship this gets my hackles up. Playtime is only a miniscule, though important, part of that type of relationship. I understand that this is erotica… I do. I reach for a good erotic novel from time to time and this one did have a good scene… until the end where the engagement ring and collar were offered in one swoop with the requirement that the collar be part of the deal. Viewed one way – as if it were an actual D/s contract, which wasn’t mentioned, if the D/s part comes apart at any point the marriage likely would as well. Viewed another as if playtime were all that is involved in a Dominant/submissive relationship is honestly quite insulting considering all the work and heartache that goes into that kind of relationship.

4 Stars

If you take just the one scene of playtime – this is a good story. Beyond that… I can’t honestly recommend it. In order to make this one better to the point I would recommend it either the last scene needs to be seriously edited or just cut off after that scene.

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