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Adventurous Me by Deanndra Hall

A book that makes you cry and pull out B.O.B. is really something to hold onto. Trish in Deanndra Hall’s “Adventurous Me” is a middle aged woman whose husband just left her and she is going through a divorce. She goes out to a bar with a friend and once tipsy and looking for adventure to prove she isn’t boring like her soon ex-husband claims is handed the business card with the business name Bliss and an address. Dave, the man who gives her the card, offers her and her friend a night out at a club and an adventure.

Though her friend bails – Trish decides to go, trips and falls down the rabbit hole into a world she never knew existed. Corsets, collars, sex in public – what in the world had she walked into? Well, she had found her way to a local BDSM “dungeon” and her tour guide, Dave the man who gave her the card, offers to train her and guide her along the path to discovering that world.

Trish meets Cliff, a dominant who is scared of being involved all for his own reasons. They get paired together for two weeks for a trial run and while Trish holds up her end of the bargain, Cliff does everything in his power to make her go afraid to trust anyone – even himself.

Some of the things that submissives are taught in Bliss drive my hackles up a bit after a few years in the community. Trish is told to call any dominant Sir and if they are playing Master.  Sex seems to always be involved in that dungeon with little negotiation Trish goes into scenes. Safe words and contracts are mentioned in the books which is good but like many submissive people in that world Trish refuses to “safe out” even when she most definitely should. Is that realistic? Unfortunately, yes. It would be nice to see in future novels someone actually using their safe word as needed. They are there for a reason – sometimes they really are needed.

The BDSM world is most definitely an adventure and I love that Deanndra’s characters truly grow in their self knowledge through the book as that is one of the things that living in that world definitely helps teach you.

All in all this is definitely a book I would recommend. This is an erotic romance novel based in the BDSM world. I love that the author clearly knows that world and portrays it well. Understanding the importance of the collar and the huge step that is taken by accepting it. The next book in this series

This author will be at Pens on Fire on February 28th – look forward to seeing her again. The next book in the series was just released on February 1st – see links below.

“Adventurous Me” on Amazon

“Unforgettable You” on Amazon

WARNING: This book contains explicit sexual situations and BDSM themes. It is not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Reader discretion is advised.
Disclosure: This book was provided to A Little Turtle’s World free of charge through the author – Deanndra Hall for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.

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