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“50 Shades of Grey” by E.L. James

Let me say upfront – I liked Twilight. I wouldn’t call myself a “Twihard” but the series was captivating. Bella Swan was a whiny teenager and Edward was overprotective on the extreme but the author’s story pulls you in. Bella does come to discover the positives of the small town she is living in and eventually gains a few friends. Sparkly vampires – well that is a bit much for me but overall the series was one I followed. Twilight the series had its ups and downs like any novel.

“50 Shades of Grey” however, while not a terrible novel it was a terrible BDSM novel. There is love in the story, but I say it isn’t a love story or really a romance because is centered strictly around sex – there is very little focus on the actual relationship. For instance in that world if the relationship was the goal there would have been more focus on the community, on communication, on learning, RACK, and yes even on the contract rather than on strictly sex – even if it is kinky sex.

My main issue with this series is actually the implication I see throughout it that there is something mentally wrong with people who choose or are interested in this lifestyle. The very idea that the reason people are drawn into that world are because something is “wrong” with them mentally. That is a wrong assumption.  You can learn a lot about yourself in that world. There is nothing “wrong” with wanting a D/s or M/s relationship as long as it is a healthy one. There is no such thing as “normal”.

Even the best D/s movies like “The Secretary” have characters with very deep issues. The main characters in that story both have major issues as well – he with OCD and she had issues with cutting. Deep enough issues that at the beginning of the movie she was actually put in a mental hospital.

You probably see couples in a D/s or M/s relationship around you in your everyday life and just don’t realize it. They’re just living their normal life. There are people who take anything to the extreme in any world – this is no different – most are very normal appearing married couples.

Christian’s psychologist was actually one of the few characters I really liked in this series for this very reason. He accepted him as he was – not labeling him as many of that profession have through the years as though something were actually psychologically wrong with them. Christian, himself though, I have a great many issues with. He was not a “dominant” – he took a running leap past that line into domineering. He was controlling.

I love a good erotic novel. I have found peace in ropes, release in floggers, shivers of delight from the delicate touch of knives. This series is NOT a good erotic novel – for fan fiction – which is what it was originally it is pretty good. As a fantasy it is pretty good, who am I to say your fantasies are not worth reading.  For a BDSM novel? Believe me there are a lot better. This one is insulting to someone who has lived in that world.

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