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“Unraveled” by Lorelei James – Mastered book 3

Unraveled by Lorelei James

In Unraveled Ms James continues her impressive series into the world of BDSM with the characters and setting from her first book – Bound. This series consists of Bound, Unwound, Schooled, Unraveled and soon to continue with Caged. Bound, Unwound and Schooled all focus on Amery and Ronin. Unraveled  is the story of Shiori and Knox.

Amery and Ronin are not the focus of this novel. As much as I love their story they are on their honeymoon and trip to Tokyo as this book coincides with the timeline of Schooled though we do see them returning at the end of the novel.

Shiori is revealed as a dominant and a mistress in this novel. Ms James is a fascinating author in this novel as she shows the intricacies of a M/s relationship. Shiori informs Knox that she believes he is a submissive. He reacts to this in the way most people would – with anger and even fear. During the novel you see the both fighting their interest in each other and the challenges of their relationship with Knox essentially being her boss at the dojo.

I did miss the rope interplay though watching Shiori and Knox was fascinating.

Would I recommend this series? Most definitely! I look forward to seeing how Ms James grows as a BDSM writer.  I do hope if she continues that she will show more than the basic level connections in the BDSM community.  One disservice she gave that world though is calling a BDSM club a sex club.  There may be sex at a BDSM club – but BDSM is not about the sex.  Its about the connection.

4 stars.

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