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Caly’s Game by Trinity

Caly’s Game is the new erotic romance by long-time BDSM veteran, Trinity, in which Caly Arling is used to being the hunter, but when she meets sexy Evan Morrell, she finds herself on the other side of the hunt.

This weekend while I was in the hospital I drained my battery on my phone reading on my Kindle application – the main book I was reading is Caly’s Game by Trinity. I was in too much pain before leaving my house to go searching much more for my Kindle but because of the electronic age in which we live I always have my iPhone on me. I had been wanting to pick up the novel to read but have been busy with work and family. Give me a few hours of freedom and what will I be doing? Reading. Trinity’s novel had just appeared on my Kindle a few days earlier so it was quickly the first book I downloaded as I waited in the ER. Hours slipped by as I was quickly enthralled with the world of this strong willed woman discovering the freedom in letting go of control.

My biggest pet peeve with most books based in the BDSM world is that the characters always seem to have something “wrong” with them. It was therefore a thrill to discover that Trinity’s novel is based on a strong, capable, intelligent woman who isn’t even close to being a stick figure. Caly is a beautiful woman who believes in taking the world by the horns and running her own show. The fact that she is constantly fighting her attraction to Evan makes it all the more interesting.

I met Trinity a few years ago at a BDSM weekend event we immediately started talking about books. As an avid reader I am always looking for new (to me) authors with great writing, interesting stories and characters, stories I can actually see happening in real life.  By the end of the weekend we had exchanged information and she sent me a list of BDSM authors/books to try. When I saw she had a book coming out set in the BDSM world it was on my immediate preorder list – rare for me since I rarely preorder books that are not on Audible, very inexpensive and from an author I’ve read other books they have written. Trinity’s book is not on Audible, yet, though I hope she considers it one day, it is not a cheap book at $5.99 and yet I preordered immediately. This is because I have faith in my witty, sarcastic friend but also because her novel is set in the world in which she lives. That faith was not misplaced.

The excerpt I chose from her novel shows that fact – in fact that short part of the novel reminded me just how much I miss being in rope.  The nuances someone who had never been graced with the very presence of a rope scene would be missed entirely by someone not in that world. Instead Trinity draws you in and builds the anticipation a rope bottom feels with every breath, the touch, the scent, the feeling of contentment and even being hugged by the rope. To be honest, when I first saw the cover image – I told Trinity I wanted to be her model – about the biggest compliment I could give to someone as an introvert.

You’re Beautiful in Rope

I moved as he asked and knelt in the middle of the throw. He came behind me and got to his knees also, his thighs outside mine. He must not have been kneeling down though, because he was still taller. His heat radiated onto my back, though he wasn’t quite close enough to touch me.
He touched a finger to the front of my temple. “Closed, please.”
I shut my eyes and took a long, deep breath. As I finished the breath, he leaned forward, against my back, and wrapped his arms around my torso, just below my breasts. Then he took a long, deep breath. His chest pushed into my back as he expanded his lungs. His chest hair raked along the skin of my back. As he released, I realized I was releasing a breath as well. He breathed in again. I breathed in. Out. Out. In. In. He held me tight as we breathed together. I found my anxiety slipping away as I breathed there, in the dark with him.
He took my left arm and raised it over and just behind my head, then put pressure on my forearm, urging toward my right shoulder. My muscle tightened with the movement. He held it for several seconds, then gently lowered my arm. He did the same with my right arm, angling it over my head and to the left. I felt the stretch in my triceps. Was that what he was doing? Stretching me? That seemed odd.
He slid his arm through my elbow toward my back and pulled my arm against his chest. My shoulder muscles stretched. And then he did the same on the other side. The whole while he continued to breath, pausing to press his chest against my back, which made me breath in time with him. He wrapped his arms around me again and hugged me tight to him. We rocked forward and back for a long moment. Everything—his movement, his scent, just his presence—soothed me, and I felt more relaxed than I had in a very long time.
He remained against me, but let his hands roam over my skin. His palms skimmed my arms and my belly—I tried hard not to be self-conscious. He rested his chin on my shoulder as he moved his hands down across the outsides of my thighs. His breath tickled along my neck and collarbone. Then he wrapped around me again, and we rocked for a few moments more.
One of his arms left me briefly and then returned. Rope, a little bit scratchy and smelling of grass, rubbed against my shoulder, across my chest and up my neck. He hadn’t uncoiled it. It felt like a big lump of rope. His arms moved again, and I heard the rustle of rope on rope. Then a strand—double strand?—fell across my thighs. He dragged it slowly and it tickled my skin as it moved. He drew the piece up over my breasts and over my shoulder, the whole thing trailing lightly over my skin.
My entire body woke up. My skin received every touch from the rope or from him with a jolt of electricity. As he ran the strand behind my neck and down my other shoulder, goose bumps broke out and I shivered. My breathing had quickened, and the low moan from my throat surprised me.
His hand trailed down my left arm and grasped my wrist. He brought it close to my body, and I felt rope being wrapped around it. I peeked from beneath my lashes and saw him anchoring the rope around my wrist. I closed my eyes again. I didn’t really need to see. I’d realized that this wasn’t about seeing.
Using the long end of the rope, he brought my wrist up to my right shoulder, positioning my arm across my chest. He pulled the rope down my back, across and around the left side of my torso. He made it tight, and the rope bit into my skin. It hurt, but didn’t, at the same time. He angled me back against him, and I leaned, letting my head roll back on his shoulder. His scent—cloves and sweetness—hit me again. I breathed deep.
He wrapped the rope around my arm and my belly from left to right. He pushed me forward with a hand in the middle of my back until I was leaning down, head almost to the floor. I felt him pull the free strand through the piece hugging my back, and then he pulled me up by the rope. It bit into my skin in the front, with painful little lines. I swayed into him again.
The rope came against the front of my neck, but gently, his thumb guiding it, brushing my skin back and forth. A little twinge of panic tried to overcome me, but I pushed it down. He was giving me sensation. He wasn’t even tightening the rope. I relaxed again.
After that, things just became fuzzy. He unwound the rope from me, leaving the anchor on my wrist. Then my arm was drawn behind my back, and he wrapped the rope around my torso, binding my upper arm to my side and my wrist and hand to my back. He never tied the rope off. His palms roamed over my skin, warm and earnest. He left trails of heat wherever he touched.
He shoved my body forward again and then covered me with his. The weight of him held me down. I didn’t feel fear, but rather comfort. His weight comforted me.
Surrounded. Cocooned. Safe.
My mind turned off, and I floated. His movements against me still registered, but only from a distance. I had no real concept of the order in which he did things. Nothing hurt. Everything felt good and right.
“You are beautiful in rope,” he whispered very close to my ear.

Title: Caly’s Game

Author: Trinity

Genre: Erotic Romance, BDSM, BBW

Release Date: March 31, 2015

Publisher: Loose Id

Print Length: 55,000 words

Format: Digital

ISBN: 978-1-62300-887-1

About Trinity:

Trinity writes realistic kink! Trinity came up in the Atlanta BDSM scene in the mid-90s and has been an active BDSM and poly person for two decades. She’s a kink educator, having traveled the Southeast from the Carolinas to Louisiana, teaching classes about kink and D/s. Her particular passions are protocol, ritual, and rope, which readers will see reflected in her books. And, of course, hot sex!

She also loves to attend conventions and conferences, both vanilla writing conferences and kink events. Travel is one of her passions; she’s been to twenty of the fifty states and ten countries outside the United States. Otherwise, she can be found at home with her hubby, who doubles as her muse, and three often temperamental cats. Follow her on Twitter: @Trinity_writes.

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