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Theirs to Cherish by Shayla Black

Theirs to Cherish by Shayla Black

Pulsating – that is the word that best describes your emotions and even your body as you read through Shayla Black’s novel Theirs to Cherish. Nearly every one of her books has made me wish I could grab the man I am involved with or at very least the nearest vibrator.  Oh, believe me you don’t want the Hitachi either, as big a fan of mine as I am, you will want something that you can build up the tension and let it off again and again much like Thorpe and Sean did to Callie.

My pulse raced as the pages turned.  Callie being on the run and discovering the world of BDSM where your real name isn’t expected, where you can recreate yourself was an interesting turn. In some ways it is very true, when you are among lifestyle people it is almost expected that the name you give will not be your true one.  Getting into the door, signing the rules and privacy agreements – your real name and legal ID is required, at least at every event I’ve been to.  They have to know you’re above board, legal age, etc.  Once you’re in the door… feel free to recreate yourself.

I won’t give the ending away but I will say that it is worth the wait.  An interesting twist is that Shayla’s male leads of previous books in the Wicked Lovers series.  All of that dominant, high testosterone in one room had to be heady.  She definitely has the ability to write characters you want to follow. Dominants written in a way that the small submissive bone in my body made me want to kneel and accept that collar once again.  Her characters definitely are written in a way that shows submission is not easy, giving your body is the easy part.  I may let you do things to me but can you get into my brain, gain my trust? With every baited breath we follow the tug and pull of gaining the trust in a Dominant/submissive relationship let alone the added complication of polyamory.

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