Turtle's World

Welcome to my world! Take a peak inside the shell.

This blog is designed to be a peak into my world. I have been a major reader since early childhood, Boxcar Children and The Babysitters Club were a couple of my early favorites. In middle/high school I actually considered a degree in library science because I loved reading and finding books people will love so much. In the past few years I have graduated to mostly reading Audible books due to the fact that I discovered a way to read and still be able to work, clean, exercise or most anything while still reading.

I do have a Kindle Paperwhite and read quite a few books that way – but I will confess I bought it hoping to receive more ARC’s or Advanced Review Copies of books. I have received a few books that way and hope to continue but my time is very limited so I keep hoping that my Audible reviews will bring more copies that way.

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