What a Woman Wants by Judi Fennell

What a Woman Wants by Judi Fennell

Hardheaded and stubborn are two of the first attributes that comes to mind when thinking of the hero and heroine in this sweet romance.  Sean flips houses and turns them into up and coming Bed and Breakfasts but he has his sights set on something much greater turning the Merriweather mansion into a golfing resort – something to really make his name.  Livvy grew up with an absentee family – her grandmother adopted her from her lackluster parents when she was five and sent her to boarding school, she never had a family of her own since her grandmother didn’t do much more than pay the bills through the years, so she creates her own family out of a menagerie of animals she rescues and the people in the co-op where she has been building her life – up until her grandmother died and left her a scavenger hunt she had to go through to discover family history and earn her inheritance, Merriweather mansion.

You’d think looking at the pair they’d end up constantly at odds, and there certainly is that. Losing a bet to his sister, Sean ends up being a maid for Manley Maids, her business, at Merriweather mansion when all of the servants were let go. Not telling Livvy about his desire to create a resort out of her inheritance, Sean ends up helping Livvy on the scavenger hunt falling in love along the way – along with quite a bit of sex and sexual innuendo.

All in all this is a sweet romance with some interesting twists, well written characters and a thoroughly enchanting storyline.  Take a chance on this author and book, it will give you a few hours of distraction keeping the world at bay, after all that is what a good novel does.

3 stars

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