Dramatic · Romance

Sarah’s Premonition by T.R. Lykins

I picked this book up at a recent author event here in Louisville. The cover interested me as did the reference to 9/11. How our world changed due to the events of 9/11 has always intrigued me. I really like the quote used in the book and on the cover “life goes on even on the darkest of days”. It is definitely true – no matter what happens on any given day – the world keeps turning, people keep moving.

This story shows two people’s lives intertwining years before they get to know each other. Sarah gets a bad feeling when she is taking the children she is the Nanny of to meet their father on September 11th. They turn around and make it home safely – though the girls’ father does not. Adam is on his way to work at the World Trade Center that morning when he sees Sarah and the girls rushing away – he turns to try and get her name and contact information, misses her but survives because of a casual encounter with a stranger. He spends years looking for her – a stranger he passed on the street. Years later with those young girls – now young ladies; Adam meets Sarah at a book signing – and there truly begins their love story.

Let me say I like the idea behind the book – a young woman turning away from danger due to a feeling and all of the cascading events that then occur. The story is sweet in a way. Sarah is a former foster child. Adam is a caring social worker who truly makes a difference in foster kids lives.

The story seems very disjointed. Adam seems nearly stalkerish at times. Sarah comes across as incredibly naiive for someone who has lived through as much as she has. The idea of so many coincidences effecting your life has an appeal but there are definite detractions from it as well.

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