Halfway Dead: Halfway Witchy book 1 by Terry Maggert


Let me say upfront I am not much of a paranormal or sci-fi/fantasy reader but this was a well-written novel that draws the reader in with the fairly fast paced storyline and dialogue. The main character, Carlie, a small town witch and short order cook, is out to protect her little corner of the world from the things that go bump in the night. The ending was a bit too “walking into the sunset” for my taste considering the genre.

I did enjoy the book. I’d be curious what else this author will do with the community and characters that he took the time to build out. Now that the premise and characters/community are built the stories could flow more easily. Given the opportunity to get the next book in this series inexpensively I would definitely give this one another chance. If you are not a paranormal person… well this may not be the series for you.

The author, Terry Maggert, knows how to keep a story going and only lost my interest at a couple of points for a short time. The narrator, Erin Spencer, did a good job bringing Carlie to life in all of her snarkiness, in spite of a bit much of the inner pats on the back.

Would I read this author again? Sure I would pick his books up and give them a chance. Is this an author that will be on my pre-buy list? No, but then as I said before I am not a paranormal follower in most cases.

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