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Author Spotlight Melissa Schroeder featuring Leonardo Santini and Operation Love


Romance involving a man in uniform, who could resist? Certainly not me. Melissa Schroeder is an author I’ve just found out about with several military romances out. Who is ready for Throwback Thursday and interested in discovering a military man ready to sweep you off your feet?

Author Melissa Schroeder has a new Sartini book coming out July 14th. Looking for something to pick up til then? Give one of her military romances a chance. The Santini brothers certainly are intriguing. In preparation for today I picked up Leonardo Santini’s book on Audible.

I’ll be honest, even though I love a good military romance I would never have picked up Melissa Schroeder’s Leonardo if it hadn’t been for the request for a book spotlight on her military romances and a mention of the next Santini book coming out shortly.  The reason behind this is that they are SHORT! At only 2 hours 10 minutes – it would have been automatically ruled out. I rarely buy any Audible books, my preferred method of reading, that are less than 8 hours. That being said Leonardo was worth a read. If I find them on sale I will probably pick up the others in the series. The romance is sweet, a man in uniform always appreciated… the downside is the length. I have a hard time buying a short story – since I spend most of my time reading it would destroy my budget even more than my Audible addiction already does. Now if the books were released on Audible with multiples in the series? I would probably get that!

 Operation Love

Daisy, Dee to all her friends, has always had a crush on Mano. Sinfully delicious, he tempts her in the worst way.

Mano, whose call sign is The Shark, is dedicated to his Air Force career. And, he has his own hang-ups about marriage and the military.

After a night of drinking, they fall into bed together and after a night of mind blowing lovemaking, they can’t keep their hands off each other. But there is trouble in paradise when they both have to decide which is more important: their convictions or their love.

This is a previously released book that has been revised and edited. The original title was Au Loa Ko’u Aloha (Forever My Love).

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