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Book Spotlight: Repeating History – Time in Yellowstone series by M. M. Justus

One of the neatest things about having my own blog is being able to connect with authors I might never have found otherwise. M.M. Justus

Here’s a bit about the author:

I am fascinated by the possibilities of what if.  The memories of place that some people call ghosts, the möbius effect of time travel.  You won’t find vampires or werewolves in my books.  Or horror.  I am more interested in the potential effects of the fantastic on normal folks, and in inserting it into well-researched historical events, populated mostly by people who really lived.

My favorite period is the not-so-distant past of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and my favorite place, the one that draws me back over and over again, is Yellowstone National Park.  Ten years ago, on a three-month cross-country adventure, I spent five days in Yellowstone, wandering the geyser basins waiting for things to go off.  Watching my first-ever eruption of Grand Geyser, five lovely bursts 150-200 feet high, I suddenly thought, now wouldn’t that make a terrific time travel device.  Other places and events have struck me in similar ways, and this is the basis for the stories I tell.  I hope you will enjoy them.


“A GRAND yarn you can’t put down.” Janet Chapple, author of Yellowstone Treasures

In 1959, 20-year-old college dropout Chuck McManis strolls the geyser boardwalks in Yellowstone National Park when an earthquake plunges him eighty years back in time, into the middle of an Indian war.

Into his personal past, too – his great-grandfather, his boyhood idol, but not a hero after all.

Hapless Chuck needs instructions for sheer survival. He will not abandon Eliza Byrne, the woman who teaches him. But nothing matters if they never make it back to civilization. No matter when it could be.

Repeating History is a novel that spans several genres. Though it features time travel and is quite readable as a romance set in 1870s Wyoming and Montana, it is primarily a historical adventure and could even be considered the beginning of a family saga, which is continued in the sequels, True Gold, “Homesick,” and Finding Home.



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