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“Topping the Domme” – Crime and Punishment series book 1 by Trista Ann Michaels

Discovered a new (to me) author today. I was browsing Facebook with my tons of blog and author feed scrolling past – spending the day in bed since I didn’t feel up to getting ready and going to church. One post on my feed (I’d give credit where it is due but for the life of me I can’t find the post) suggested trying Trista Ann Michaels “Master Delacroix” – yes that isn’t the name you see in the title above – as a reader I prefer to start at the beginning of a series if I realize it is a series. Popped over to Amazon and searched by “Master Delacroix” and several books popped up – clicked on a couple of them and soon realized it was a series.

“Topping the Domme” is a quick read that in spite of that has quickly added this author to my “must find more books” list. The first book in this series is about a duo of NCIS agents, Brayden and Karina, both dominants in their local BDSM scene, who get pulled into solving a murder involving a serial killer. The twist to this is that 10 years ago Karina was raped and tortured by this serial killer.

The characters are well written. The BDSM scene is not portrayed as only for those who have something mentally wrong with them. I dislike that Karina is only a Domme to deal with her rape issues and when forced to submit to Brayden for the assignment is suddenly not dominant anymore. Now, could she be a switch?  Yes… but the ending is wrapped up nice and tidily by Brayden solving everything by asking her to marry him and for her to be his submissive. Yes, another marriage proposal and be my submissive rolled into one question. All in all this is a well crafted story with characters you care about and BDSM not portrayed as an entirely negative thing.

Master Delacroix has been nominated for the BDSM Writers Con Golden Flogger Award for BEST BDSM Book of the Year 2015 in our romance category.

Crime and Punishment

  • Topping the Domme
  • Master Delacroix
  • Theirs To Share
  • Burning Submission

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