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Series review: Bluegrass series by Kathleen Brooks

One of the things I intend to do is include author reviews on my blog. When I find an author that I love I tend to follow them for a long time. The first author I’m doing this with is Kathleen Brooks. A local Kentucky author, which I have had the pleasure of meeting, Kathleen’s novels are a must read. She is one of a very short list of authors that are on my instant pre-buy list. In fact, one of her series is running through my ears every day right now while I work – the Bluegrass Brothers. Yes, you heard me right I said series not novel. Technically, I read one novel at a time that is true, but as I have all of the novels available to date I tend to read in series. I have spent the last week rereading the series via Audible. I’m finishing out the series with Final Vow today.

Each of her female protagonists are strong, capable, intelligent women. In fact, in most of the women in her books are the type any woman would be lucky to count as friends, the men are the type that might just make the jaded have a little bit of faith that love really does exist and HOT enough I want to move.

I primarily read through Audible and am really looking forward to this series coming out that way in the next few months. I have the entire series so far on Kindle and have spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out Text to Speech function on my iPhone since my Kindle Paperwhite does not have that feature.

Bluegrass State of Mind Bluegrass Series
Risky Shot Bluegrass Series
Dead Heat Bluegrass Series
Bluegrass Undercover Bluegrass Brothers Series
Rising Storm Bluegrass Brothers Series
Secret Santa Bluegrass Brothers Series
Acquiring Trouble Bluegrass Brothers Series
Relentless Pursuit Bluegrass Brothers Series
Secrets Collide Bluegrass Brothers Series
Final Vow Bluegrass Brothers Series
All Hung Up Bluegrass Single
Bluegrass Dawn Bluegrass Single
Bluegrass Single

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