Hard to Hold by Incy Black

Hard to Hold by Incy Black

I love novels with strong capable characters.  Anna is an intelligent, strong willed, capable woman who after her husband ended their marriage upon accusing her of having an affair when really she had a miscarriage. Years later Anna is running a hugely successful gaming company and decided to have a family of her own through in-vitro-fertilization but an international drug overlord chose her to carry his child and infiltrated the clinic.  His wife’s family is not happy with this and sets out to kill her or at least cause her to miscarry while he sets out to save her with everything he has in hopes of a son.  Nick, Anna’s ex-husband, is running a portion of the British Intelligence Service, when Anna is brought into a hospital hurt and he’s listed as her next of kin.  Nick’s protective side kicks in he sets out to save Anna from the drug overlord, the people trying to kill her and even herself.

This novel is truly a love story, though sex is mentioned it is not even close to the center of this story.  There are most definitely heart racing moments, constantly people trying to save and kill the heroine. A woman who is as intelligent and capable as she is stubborn, a man who would do anything to save her even if that means risking his own life or even never seeing her again.  This isn’t the deepest love story you will ever read but it is a worthy escapist novel for a few hours.

4 Stars

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