Dom of the Dead by Virginia Nelson

Dom of the Dead by Virginia Nelson

Dom of the Dead is a beautifully sweet tale with interesting twists and turns of grief, living life to the fullest and accepting your own desires.  This is a story of being too afraid to reach for what you really want until it is too late. We see Carson, the female protagonist, going through the early stages of grief when her best friend Randall dies in a motorcycle accident before she had the courage to reach out for more than their “friend zone” relationship.

Randall is a dominant man who has dreamed of his best friend for years but did not want to “taint” Carson and their relationship. Throwing a fantasy one night stand style dating service into the mix is an interesting way to throw the two characters together with Randall as a ghost.  The end is a beautiful twist of fate – reminding you to reach out for life and hold on with all your strength while you can, after all tomorrow is never promised.

The reader is a good choice. You can believe she is Carson with the intonations and strength of words of a woman struggling through grief. The author and reader combination do a beautiful job of bringing this twisting story together.

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