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Summer Sins by Kathy Kulig

Summer Sins by Kathy Kulig

In Summer Sins by Kathy Kulig we meet Adrian and Emma.  Emma is an aspiring journalist working for a tabloid part time until she can get a job at a more reputable paper.  Adrian is a neurosurgeon and dominant coming back into the lifestyle after focusing on his career for awhile.  Tropix is a Swinger/BDSM club where they meet and later play.

A touchy subject in the BDSM world is touched on in this story, “outing”.  “Outing” or letting the world know that someone is involved with the BDSM world is actually rather dangerous.  People can lose their careers, even their families over it.  I’ve seen this personally in the last year when a friend lost her job because someone “outed” her to the company where she worked.  Confidentiality agreements are at the center of the parties where this lifestyle is played out.  People in every walk of life all around you could be involved.  I know teachers, medical personnel, police officers, business owners, ministers and many faiths whom are involved.  People with families, children.  Personally, I was involved 9 months pregnant – going to both BDSM and swinger parties.

The author did a good job mentioning this touchy topic – though I will say it is awfully convenient that with a donation Adrian had another neurosurgeon position on staff at a hospital.  Now, money does talk but it is very convenient.  Trust is at the very core of building a healthy relationship, any healthy relationship but especially involving power exchange and “toys”.  You have to trust the person you are playing with – in and out of the “dungeon”.  Even a small breech of that trust and the person could leave the relationship, the club, or more.

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