Wildflower Wedding by Luann McLane

Wildflower Wedding by Luann McLane

Wildflower Wedding is a sweet story of love in a small town.  Cricket Creek, Kentucky is the small town where Reese and Gabby grew up as neighbors in the town trailer park – poor kids from the wrong side of the tracks.  Reese was the “bad boy” in high school always getting in trouble – often for things he didn’t do.  Gabby was the nerd with the crush on her neighbor who went out of his way to be sweet to her.

Years later they are both back in town, business owners and college graduates – but it is hard to live down the past.  They each had a bad case of teen love in high school but when Reese asked her to prom she turned him down thinking he was only teasing her.  Full of life and hope they take a chance on each other with one step forward and two steps back frequently.  Each of us have voices in our heads – those of our friends, family or even just history – those voices can threaten our best chance at happiness given the opportunity.

Luann McLane has a sweet take on love in a small town as well as giving yourself and those around you second chances; we all need them.  There are multiple love stories concurrent in this novel.  Full of innuendo and the interconnectedness of the lives of a small town Wildflower Wedding is a lighthearted romance full of drama and the nosy neighbors we all love to hate.

3 stars

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