At the Manor Part Two by Lillian Nightshade

At the Manor Part Two by Lillian Nightshade

I’m pleased with this author’s series overall. The third book in this series is focused on Annie and Sean.  Sean is growing as a dominant and Annie is learning to accept that she has both the submissive side and a dominant side since she hasn’t let the submissive side out in a long time.  Annie clearly fears submission and like many of us has the history to make that fear valid.  It will be interesting to see their relationship grow and see how the interactions with the Society change as they go about together.

One thing that annoys me in many “romance” and “erotic” novels alike is the excessive orgasms.  This implies that the constant multiple orgasms – seemingly no matter the sex, connection or implement – is the norm.  If only, as someone who has always had issues with achieving that level of release I’d love to meet this community if it were that simple! This author plays into that like many others.  This book though written well in its characters and settings does not seem to have been edited thoroughly.  The editorial issues are not overly common or terribly distracting and I still enjoyed the book – I simply have the question of whether this is written in Americanized English as I had assumed – if not the spelling differences I noticed may be to be expected.

This book was clearly written as a series and I would not recommend reading it separately or out of order.  Along with that statement however, I would state that with the intensity of the treatment of slaves in their training in these novels I personally cannot read the novels straight through without stops in between.  I am looking forward to the next book and seeing Sean as the dominant and Annie building her own household.

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