At the Manor, part 1 by Lillian Nightshade

At the Manor, part 1 by Lillian Nightshade

Nice follow through. In book two of the Society Series, Lillian shows an understanding of the strength it takes to be in control and the bliss that is possible when you can let that control go. Many authors treat submission, even in a scene, as if it is a sign of weakness.  In At the Manor part 1 the characters show the idea of “submissive not a doormat” very well.  Sean shows how serving can at times mean taking control in order to give what is desired.  I look forward to seeing how this building relationship grows as the series continues with Sean moving on in the Society.

Part of me wishes this world were real – as a strong willed woman who needs playtime and the relaxation that comes with being able to let go to the dominant in my life. That strong will – much like that of many of Lillian’s characters – has to be held back in order to be a good submissive.  While reading through this series I wish I could find people to help me learn to let go like Annie does with many of the lower letter characters in the series.

In some ways I really like this series and author, the characters and setting are well written.  The characters and the setting in the Society have depth and are written in a way where you can picture walking into the scenes in this book/series.  In other ways, I don’t like this series – anything we can imagine could be reality.  I am well aware there are people who truly do have fantasies like what we see in this series – and as we say “your kink is not my kink”, that’s fine I don’t have to like everything you do… consensual is the key in my book.  I learned first-hand a few years ago that people really do turn pregnant women into sexual objects – so I do understand it – having pregnancy turned into scenes turns my stomach.  Don’t get me wrong this book and series is very well written.  I will continue to follow this and replace batteries as needed. The growing interactions with Annie and Sean and growth in their characters hold my interest much more than the training of the submissives by Annie as a dominant.

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