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The Governess and the Beast by Karyn Gerrard

The Governess and the Beast by Karyn Gerrard

Snuff novella.  The reader is a good one with the breathy tones expected of this kind of story – even the slight accent to assist. It certainly has its hot parts – it is labeled as BDSM erotica however and this is a misnomer there is no dominance and submission in any real way, there isn’t even any real playtime other than a lot of sex; even a bit of kinky sex.

Would I recommend this story? Well, the characters are decent; the setting skimmed over but filled out could be nice – overall as a short read – sure if the reader knew what they were getting into.  Would I spend an Audible credit on this? No. Though the reader is a good one and I might look to see what else she has done the story was short and had little depth.  Did I come to care about the characters? Well, lightly that could have become interesting if the story had been further filled out but they weren’t well developed enough.

If this author/reader combination came up in the freebie section I might give it another chance if I was looking for pure smut but otherwise I wouldn’t give the author a second glance.  This novella is essentially what my mother thinks romance novels are – all sex, little character development and no depth. There are a lot better stories to hold my attention and fill my time.  Think porn on paper and there is this novel.

2 stars

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