Rising Assets by Rebecca Zanetti

Rising Assets by Rebecca Zanetti

Rebecca Zanetti’s story Rising Assets is a sweet story of Melanie and Colton, childhood friends all grown up.  Melanie has health issues and her finances are falling apart at the seams – in spite of three jobs.  Colton – one of her childhood best friends is a business owner and has always been someone she could count on, unfortunately due to the nature of her issues, money and the ability to have children, she doesn’t want to turn to him or anyone.

We get to see the nosiness and power of a small town in this love story.  Friends, love and even betting on anything, whether money is actually placed on these bets in small towns around the world at hole in the wall diners or bookstores friends are gossiping and “placing bets” on who is getting married next, whether someone is pregnant, who is dating who, or when Jared will realize Ashley is right in front of him and that he loves her.

Childhood friends are sometimes the best lovers because they know your history, know your family, and know your stories.  In this tale we get the chance to see to adults who admit their love for one another after a lifetime of knowing their every family issue, childhood troubles, first loves, etc.  It takes a few pages to really get into but give the story a chance.

4 stars

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