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The Killer Wore Leather by Laura Antoniou

Set in the mysterious world of leather and leather contests “The Killer Wore Leather” by Laura Antoniou invites you to be a bug on the wall at a leather contest. As a bootblack I couldn’t help but recognize things that actually are said in the corner that is the bootblack stations. Phrases that are said through will draw the interest of those in the Leather/BDSM scene as you wonder what events the author has been attending.

Ms Antoniou’s Marketplace novels are often recommended as books that drew someone into the scene. Personally, I was not a big fan of the Marketplace series but this novel, it drew and kept my interest. This novel will make you want to run out and find your local leather scene for a taste of what might be. Although the names have been changed, anyone who has spent much time in that world will recognize the different groups portrayed in this fascinating mystery.

A murder mystery set in the midst of a leather contest? Part of me wanted to say no… but this is definitely a novel worth your time.

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