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The Right One by RM Alexander

This is a sweet love story not just of Cami and Alex but also Cami and her cats… that sounds strange but the most beautiful, intriguing things of this story is the challenge of the interaction of wild cats and humans.  Cami has dreamt all her life of working with tigers and wild cats, now as an adult she opens up a wildlife sanctuary/rescue for tigers with all the accompanying community outrage you would expect from a small town. There is romance, suspense, even a romantic triangle for our protagonist.
Found a new author to follow! I am always looking for new Audible authors to follow. In the past year or so I’ve had the opportunity to meet authors at various author events, a few have reached out to me through the blog. This author contacted me through the Facebook page for the blog – so glad I set that up! Her main series involves shape shifters, since that is ordinarily a genre I do not enjoy I would not have picked her up without being given an audio book to review. In the two weeks since she contacted me I have read three of her books and keep checking Audible for information on the next one I am promised is coming soon.
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Big dreams take strength and determination.

Cami Lockhart’s dream is on the verge of becoming a reality. Lockhart Sanctuary, a refuge for abused and confiscated cats, is what Cami has worked for her entire life. But a dream that big requires a daily commitment. Cami yearns for someone to share the dream with, and knows everyone in town thinks Alex is the perfect man for the job. There’s one problem. She wants fireworks with every kiss, not just friendship with a hint of something more.

Sometimes what you wish for is closer than you think.

Alex Reynolds shares Cami’s passion for the sanctuary, and as the head ranchhand, spends every day helping her dream come true. He longs to tell Cami she’s held his heart since childhood, but losing a lifetime of friendship is a big risk to take. Being by Cami’s side at the sanctuary is better than letting go, but Alex knows someday he’ll want more.

Risk losing everything or fight for the dreams to come true.

The sanctuary is put in jeopardy when ignored threats take a deadly turn. Cami and Alex must each choose to stand and fight, or lose everything they dream of.

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Disclosure: This book was provided to A Little Turtle’s World free of charge through the author, RM Alexander, for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.

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