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Letting Go by Maya Banks

Letting Go by Maya Banks

Maya Banks is an author to follow for anyone interested in BDSM erotica.  Every one of her books that I have read so far has included people I can relate to, reasonably realistic situations and an author that understands submission is not out of weakness but out of power.

In a healthy, consensual, Power Exchange relationship – it is a true power exchange where both people have a give and take.  A submissive or a slave in order to truly submit has to be willing to learn and grow.  They have to realize that while they may give choices or power to another – their Dominant or Master – in order to give up power that means they had power to give and at any time they can choose to take that power back and call “red” or an end to the situation or relationship.

“Letting Go” was a page turner, the BDSM club portrayed was set up in her “Sweet” series, though this is a new trilogy.  Josslyn, the protagonist, is a stay at home wife whose vanilla husband whom she loved very much died three years ago and she has been grieving with the company of his best friend and business partner, Dash.

She has known she desired/needed a Dominant/submissive style relationship for years.  Her husband, abused as a child, was unable to consider anything that might even hint at the edges of abuse ie hitting or controlling a woman, even when it is desired.  Dash, is a very loyal friend who though he would never have betrayed her husband’s friendship and gone after Joss has had a deep interest in her for years.  Joss, after 3 years of grieving, decides she has to let her life go on, her husband would want that.  Knowing the one thing her husband wasn’t able to give – she decides to try and discover the BDSM world with a stranger.  She walks in and there is Dash – and so they say history is made.  Dash immediately shows his dominating (nearly domineering) side and off they go together.

4 stars

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