Need you tonight by Roni Loren

Need you tonight by Roni Loren

When you end up half jealous of characters in a novel you know it is going to be good.  Tessa is the foster kid turned trophy wife who leaves her cheating ex and in the process of gaining her self-confidence and self-respect back a blast from the past returns to rock her world.  Kade, successful restaurateur, sees Tessa at one of his restaurant’s Cooking 101 dating classes they host and can’t take his eyes off of her – not even realizing this is the woman he fell for in high school.

After having her ex tell her he was cheating because she was stupid and boring in bed Tessa’s confidence is near non-existent. Kade offers her a cooking lesson along with a night of exploring her sensual side. Part of me still wonders if she ever finished that cooking lesson after discovering the possibilities of good ingredients as a sexual prop.  By the way, not something I would have pictured as hot, but it definitely was.

Tessa has spent her life fantasizing about kinky activities but with solely vanilla experiences.  Kade has spent the years since becoming an adult rising in the BDSM world and learning that his dominant side is not something he can suppress for long.  She has been convinced that kink is for people who try to hard – Kade sets out to prove to her what the possibilities are; ready to fulfill her every fantasy.

One thing I really like about this author and novel is that unlike many others the author does not imply that something is wrong with anyone who desires to be involved in that lifestyle.  She also shows a little bit of the fact that people from all walks of life are involved – vanilla by day, chocolate swirl if you will by night.

4 stars

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