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Pleasing the Doctor by Sami Lee

Pleasing the Doctor by Sami Lee

Pleasing the Doctor is a mouthwatering introduction to an author new to me, Sami Lee.  In this short story, the narrator is a woman rediscovering herself worth and confidence after her marriage ended the previous year who is rescued from the advances of her blind date, a stereotypical used car salesman, by a sexy doctor.

Alice came into the date with high hopes of decent sex without high hopes or even high desire for a relationship with the latest man her older neighbor set her up.  Damien has a pension for rescuing damsels in distress, and steps in when her date was getting handsy thinking he would get sex in return for the drink he’d bought.

An interesting point to note is that, from the very beginning of the story BDSM is blatantly mentioned.  Damien rescues her by implying she was possessive and met her on – while clearly thrown by his implications Alice ran with the idea and implied she was a dominant to get Ron, her blind date, to back off.

The author, Sami Lee, clearly has at least a basic introduction to the BDSM world since safe calls and the understanding that submission in good D/s is not a sign of weakness but rather one of power.  The sex scenes were hot and had me wishing for my cuffs and vibrator.  My thought in leaving this novel was that the protagonist was a very brave woman to be willing to let go of her power after such a short time of knowing the sexy but dominant man.  It is a rarity to read a book where there isn’t something mentally wrong with the characters that brought them to a desire for power exchange (D/s) or playtime (spanking, crops, ropes, etc).

I will be looking to see what else the author has written in hopes for more.  My wish in this short story was for this to be only the beginning of the story, or rather the novel as the author does imply the characters are beginning a relationship.

4 stars

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